Welcome to eWhale.co - The Wholesale eCommerce of GCC & Africa.

We at eWhale.co transform the businesses in an easy and manageable manner that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to engage with the first ever integrated e-commerce b2b eco-system that connects the GCC with African countries. The fundamental structure of technology improvisation and the detailed research will help you to market the merchant brands.

The power of the internet will leverage your business to flourish and engage with customers directly. The mission can be achieved by introducing necessary tools on the platform, where users will be able to send targeted quotations, exchange products samples or buy and sell products.

We have the power to enable millions of commercial and bilateral interactions between consumers and merchants with our users and of course with businesses every passing day as we intend to solve the main issues for small and medium enterprises; workflow, data management, discovering new products and transparency in pricing.

This procedure enables the merchant to organize all the information that is helpful for a broader and systematic mechanism to incorporate the mutual development in business. This logistic e-commerce hub also provides the buyers and sellers to easily negotiate on different terms and through the facilitation on your application, the buyers and sellers can also track the quotation process which will help them in re-ordering with the same client from the same b2b e-commerce hub.


We have a strong internet infrastructure to support our b2b e-commerce workstation as we have bounded our partnership with "Oro Inc" to obtain a 360-degree customer view across all customer interactions leading from marketing, sales, and support that is provided from a multi-channel CRM.