B2B eCommerce

eWhale.co is focusing to lead the online b2b eCommerce trend of wholesale logistics that covers the GCC countries and link them with the African countries and aim to provide them the largest online infrastructure which is a combination of products from manufacturers around the world who are looking for suppliers that develop the business in an extraordinary fashion.

The core issues which eWhale.co is planning to provide solutions for many small and medium enterprises consists of the workflow management, discovering of the products, management of data with complete market research and price transparency. This e-commerce infrastructure also helps merchants to organize all the information required to negotiate between them, request for free quotations, track order status and assuring the re-ordering process.

Apart from the development in the IT world, this platform provides a vital business opportunity to suppliers as they can easily market their products to hundreds and thousands of users who are from GCC countries of African regions. This platform is backed with all the logistics information enabling you to import/export your goods and also ask for any custom clearance for a one window operational service to deliver with the all-out competitive solution that leads.

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  • Wholesale price: We provide competitive prices to potential buyers who are looking for up to100 items from a single manufacturer.


  • Quotation and negotiation system: Get unlimited quantity with competitive prices.


  • Multi-Shopping lists: We allow buyers to shop from different purchasers outfit and list your demand.


  • Clearance Sale: We offers up to 90% discounts of various items directly from manufacturers for potential buyers. 


  • Order Samples: We also provide you the chance to get sample directly from manufacturers.


  • Chat: The in-house chat system allows you to chat directly from manufacturers and discuss details