Abdallah Shbeb

Working in the IT sector for more than a decade in Dubai, I have always looked for new business opportunities that can guarantee financial growth. Startups usually take a long time to grown and pay you off. However, eWhale POF has intrigued me a lot as you can gain shared profits monthly. I have participated with over 35% of my cash throughout 2018 and look forward to supporting the minds behind this.



Ghassan Sabbagh

Along with my diverse portfolio of cash across Germany, I was deeply interested to start participating in eCommerce in the Middle East. Since I was able to understand the challenges suppliers face with cash flows and eWhale backs the same cause, I have supported the POF model since day one.




I have been involved in the eCommerce business for 15 years in the region of Saudi Arabia and properly understand the challenges of businesses. I greatly acknowledge the eWhale team due to their POF model that adds immense value to suppliers and the eCommerce business. Moreover, as I am an employee, it is good to have the extra 1000’s of side income with such a low-risk pattern.