What is eWhale eCommerce?

eWhale eCommerce Ltd is a Cross Border eCommerce business which supports manufacturers and suppliers in the distribution of their products on a global scale. eWhale has different sales channels for wholesale and for retail such as Amazon, Souq, Jumia, Noon, JollyChic and Carrefour to name a few. eWhale Purchase Order Cashflow provides multiple cash solutions such as; low-cost loans to suppliers, coupled with cash participation opportunities with attractive monthly shared profits for participants.

In today's market, eCommerce businesses are growing at an unprecedented rate. Hence, a large sum of money is needed to sustain growth and provide adequate support to meet consumers' expectations. One of the main challenges faced in building the industry is transactions failing due to difficulties with cash flow and credit terms; which is where eWhale steps in.

Innovative ways to aid your Business Growth

We work with small and medium enterprises in a variety of industries which enables us to provide extensive solutions to companies to assist their growth. 
In many business scenarios, it is unreasonable to ask clients to participate in potential future orders. Hence, eWhale's Purchase Order Cashflow is a great solution as it only uploads purchase orders once the sale has been made. 
eWhale Purchase Order Cashflow comprises of professionals with a notable track record of engaging with organizations and helping them to grow while consequently becoming more profitable. 


Providing Creative Solutions

The participants provide secured loans to the purchase orders and expect it paid back with shared profits in a timeline of 1 to 8 weeks, at a rate fixed by the platform. 
We have established a peer-to-business lending platform where professionals can contribute cash to purchase the orders and earn an attractive profit margin. The cash is raised and managed by eWhale and is used to complete purchase orders sourced from suppliers. This is already sold through different online platforms such as eWhale.co, Souq, Noon, Wadi, JollyChic, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and eBay UK to name a few.