In order to gain a better understanding of risks involved with eWhale; kindly refer to the following risk summary:


Need for diversification while participating:

  • It is advisable to join our innovative strategy only as part of a diversified portfolio as the initial phase of our business involves risks such as liquidity, the rarity of dividends, loss of cash and dilution.
  • All partakers are requested to use only a proportion of their available cash flow via eWhale; while balancing it with safer, more liquid cash.
  • Diversification involves spreading money across short-term and long-term purchase orders with shared profits to reduce overall risk; although it does not lessen all types of risk.

Risks when participating in purchase orders:

  • Participating in purchase orders on eWhale does not involve a regular return.
  • Participating in various purchase orders may help diversify your cash and spread the risk, but general risks continue to apply.  Refer to specific risks here below:

Loss of cash, returns and tax relief

  • Majority of start-ups fail or do not scale as planned, hence contributing to these businesses such as eWhale may involve significant risk. 
  • This, however, is not applicable to the purchase order cashflow participants because their cash is used during the cashflow process of eWhale between suppliers and marketplaces.
  • In case eWhale incurs a financial difficulty and goes out of business, partakers can still get their cash back.
  • Tax relief may be lost due to participants’ personal circumstances or due to the activities of a company.

Lack of cash flow

  • Cash flow is the movement of money into and out of the business. 
  • In every business, unforeseen circumstances or legal amendments can interrupt this regular stream of money. 
  • Similarly, eWhale’s cash can be tied up due to bureaucracy, strict foreign exchange laws, stringent international trade laws, miscommunication, the principal and agent issue, lack of payments and delay from marketplaces or refunds from websites.

Redemption rights
The terms of redeeming cash from the wallet have already been set by eWhale. 

  • All Partakers are required to wait for the entire return period to pass before requesting a payout.
  • All partakers to contribute only after closely assessing the return period in advance to avoid any issues.
  • eWhale will not be able to process any payouts prior to the return period.
  • Bank transfer duration must also be considered.

Profit rate and inflation

  • Low-profit rates encourage borrowing, while high-profit rates discourage borrowing.
  • Higher borrowing boosts eCommerce businesses due to the increased purchasing power.
  • Lower borrowing suppresses money circulation and consequently the demand for eCommerce products.
  • Inflation may reduce the real value of the returns over time.