Join the eWhale community!

As a partaker, you provide secured cash to our purchase orders and expect it paid back with shared profits, within the time frame of 1 to 8 weeks. Shared profit rates are always fixed by the platform. 
eWhale needs cash flow to support its various suppliers and the online process to meet its consumers' expectations first. eWhale has a team of professionals who are capitalists, entrepreneurs and other professionals with decades of experience in building and raising cash and participating in small start-ups and managing their financials with the advancement of technology. Developing technology has moulded business cashflow in a way that allows participants and borrowers to connect easily for potential growth.  eWhale passionately chooses ideas that are developed from these small start-ups and gives you the best opportunities. This long-term partnership is deemed beneficial to all businesses and participants as we facilitate the security of your cash.


How is participating in eWhale different?

eWhale is a participant-led platform, where you can easily participate in multiple deals on the same terms .

New opportunities every day

Short term Return & Clear Shared Point

Participate only up to and as much as you want

Join the discussion panel with participants

Make your own portfolio and view the various opportunities

Receive newsletters about the purchase order cash flows


Benefits to Participants

eWhale provides participants with a sound opportunity of earning maximum shared profits on their purchase orders through our online platform. The direct connection between participants and businesses is essential to create a trustworthy workspace and develop a strong and credible business going forward. Through eWhale, participants are provided access to hundreds of purchase orders each with the possibility of multiple benefits including return, monthly payments, low amount cash risk, and diversified portfolio build-up.