6% Profit


Macmerise Mobile Case and Covers

Participating with us on a short-term basis guarantees a return in a few weeks along with the stipulated Shared Profit  on the purchase order since items have already been sold on the marketplace. This cash inflow will assist us in acquiring items from our suppliers and delivering them to our customers before we get paid by marketplaces.


Cash Goal


Remaining Cash
45 DaysReturn Period


Min Participation


6%Shared Profit
PO ID 110032021
PO Name Macmerise Mobile Case and Covers
Status Funding is Completed
Shared Profit 6 %
Sold On Noon.com, Amazon.ae
Sourcing Country India
Selling Country UAE
Participation Days Left


Cash Goal


Name Amount Date
Abdulrahman AlHalabi $7283 Mar 10, 2021
Rakan Zeina $5709 Mar 17, 2021
Ayman Halabi $1945 Mar 21, 2021

Your cash will be used once it is approved by our team, despite the proposal having expired or being completed. These orders have already been sold and we use your cash to pay for them.

Your transaction will be approved as soon as your documents are verified and the cash reaches our bank account. 

You can participate online through our website; where you yourself will manage your cash and purchase orders through a convenient dashboard.
However, we have a traditional way(offline) of participation for larger amounts where you will be appointed with a personal relationship manager who will handle your cash and Purchase Orders. 

The risk patterns are usually low since the Purchase Orders you participate in are already sold. Prior to navigating further, please acquaint yourself with the entire Risk Warning relevant to our business model. 

There is NO security deposit. However, you will be required to fill your wallet before participating in any Purchase Orders.

The shared profits depend on different Purchase Orders and vary accordingly.

You can either email us or reach out to us over the phone. All the required contact details are listed here. 

There is NO limit on your participation amount. However, you will be appointed a personal relationship manager for greater amounts.

Your cash is strictly used for Purchase Orders you choose to participate in and nothing else.

We maintain complete transparency with every single participant. You will know exactly where your cash is being used and any other required details. 

There is NO specific time to participate. However, bear in mind you can only participate in those purchase orders that are active and have not been completed. 

Each purchase order has a different pickup and delivery destination which is specified below each purchase order in the details section.

This period begins from the date of participation and comprises of the pickup, delivery to the customer and the eventual payment from marketplaces. Essentially, it is 75% of the promised return period which lets us have a security buffer of 25%.  

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